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Celebrity nude photos leaked

I dont know why all these celebs are outraged over leaking of pics, they are terrible, some mirror selfies, some boobage not much more than that to be honest. No pics of them gagging on cocks, taking one in the gash and one in the shitpipe at the same time, faces glazed with cum, being choke fucked, those pics havent surfaced at all. why? WHY? we need to see those pics, those are the ones that matter



This is where nasty little trash whores like you belong. When you start to cum, I’m going to shove your head in and flush, cunt.

The best thing to accompany degradation like this is to record it and spread it all over the internet for all the cunt’s friends and family to see what a braindead slut she really is. No secrets anymore. No more diatribes about “equality” on her blog. No more pretending she’s a good girl. She’ll never be respected because THIS image is all anyone in her life about will think of the moment she opens her mouth in her efforts to be “taken seriously”.

Whatever you had to say — it wasn’t important anyway, cunt. No one cares. Fulfill your natural female role and duty to mankind.

Least the cunt can do is clean the urinal out whilst it’s down there. Honestly, cunts are getting to be so fucking ungrateful these days!

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